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πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° “MLM Leads List” – How to turn your mlm leads list into buying consumers.

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Hello friend,

Today I am exposing the top attraction marketing formula to the masses. I am sure you can tell that there is no shortage of guru’s screaming that they have the best system and blueprint to make you rich. That all you have to do is plug in and THEIR turn-key system will make you rich while you sleep at night. Yeah right, and if you believe that then I have some ocean front property in Montana that I would like to sell you.

Keystone #1 You must become the LEADER that others are looking for. (Personal Development)

I want to first share with you that THERE IS NO SYSTEM that will make you rich and successful. Have no doubt that a good system will HELP get you to the top, but ultimately you will have to become the leader that people are looking for in order to ATTRACT.

Keystone #2 – Create a stellar, star-studded personal brand. (Brand Yourself)

Now the BEST way to show the masses that YOU ARE the leader that they are looking for is to create a stellar, star-studded personal brand. When you create your personal brand online, don’t put your company logos and products all over your website. By putting your company all over your site you will induce the opposite of attraction which is repelling. Your viewers will not want to opt in to your list because they will assume that you will be pitching your opportunity rather than giving them REAL Value. Keep you personal branded website clean and FULL OF VALUE, value that they can use no matter what company they are with.

Keystone #3 – GIVE value driven leadership. (Lead by Excellent Example)

The LAST thing that you want to be is this person… “Hi thanks for being me friend, now here is a website link for you to buy something from me.” Have you ever had somebody do this to you? Are you the one doing this? Either way, now you know that you don’t want to be overly “pitchy”, it repels instead of attracts.

If you want to attract, then you must GIVE value driven leadership. This is where you give your new viewer EXTREME VALUE at no expense to them. You want them to leave your site, being GRATEFUL to of come across your path. You want them to feel so blessed to have received the information that you are now on their “A LIST” forever.

Follow these 3 keystones and you will be attracting 100’s and even 1,000’s of people in to your business before you know it.

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