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Network marketing, social marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) is the best way for the ordinary person to break in to the game of FREE ENTERPRISE.  You don’t have to create and fulfill anything. You don’t have to stock, store or ship anything. All you need to do is share your products with the masses and get paid every time someone makes a purchase. I have produced teams in the thousands, generating millions in volume.  I have seen and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly that this industry produces.

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I stepped aside from the network marketing industry and created 2 of my own brands and companies in 2014.   I actually stepped away because all I could see were ME TOO companies, pitching ME TOO products.  It got so bad that companies were touting that they had the best comp plan because that was literally all that set most MLM companies apart.

In early 2022 I was approached by my good friend Hernan.  Hernan has been a top producer in multiple companies so I always take a look when he calls me.  He was getting these amazing results taking this new product that had a patented delivery system.  I ordered some product and quickly realized we were on to something BIG. Something so BIG, it only comes around once every 20 years or so. We have a literal BREAKTHROUGH.

Now I am back at network marketing full-swing and I have never been more excited. I offer daily zooms for my team so they can personally advance as fast as possible.  I also offer my network marketing skills to the masses by coaching people that are happy building their own network marketing companies. There is enough ABUNDANCE for all of us.  If you are happy with your current network marketing company but just are not getting the results you had hoped for. May be I can help you by setting some NEW marketing strategies in place that work for my own team.  Network marketing is easy to do, it’s also easy to do it WRONG.

Every one needs a coach. Even the best athletes in the world have a coach. A mentor that can help them stay on track to their targeted goals.  After all, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.  Is that enough? If not, let’s get you on the path to success today.

There are 2 ways that I can assist you with your network marketing journey.

#1: You can hire me as your coach, which is highly recommended.  This way we can focus together on YOUR business requirements and what YOU are wanting to accomplish. Building a game plan that is specific to YOU.  If I can not assist you in moving your business forward, then I will not accept the job.  I am looking to make a BIG difference. I am not looking create revenue with no value behind it. My main goal is to teach you HOW TO monetize your coaching investment.  Learning the game of monetization is one of the MOST IMPORTANT entrepreneurial skills one can possess.  If you are ready to change the quality of your life now, ===> click here.

#2: You can JOIN my network marketing TEAM and build your business directly with me.  I provide FREE daily zooms for my team so you will have daily access to me. That will assist you greatly, giving you an edge that most don’t have.  Once in a while I will offer a NEW TEAM opportunity when the time is right. New members will have direct experience with the momentum of a NEW TEAM. It can be very exciting!!!  and no I do not build multiple companies in network marketing.  I have a very happy home with a trusted founder and an impeccable corporate team, and I will not be leaving.  My company is debt free and has a patented product that works.  We will not fall in to the ME TOO opportunities that plague the industry to this day.  You can learn more about my company and the products we offer ===> click here.

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