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πŸ”Ž MLM Expectations! He’s Wishy – She’s Washy, What should I do?

Hello friend,

Part of Success in this Industry is having the proper MLM Expectations.Β  Have you ever had the pleasure of working with wishy-washy kinds of people? Well if not, you will…Β  Anytime you are working with the public or the masses in any way, you are sure to meet ALL KINDS of personality types including (WISHY-WASHY).

Allow me to educate your expectations a bit. Have you ever had one of your distributors call you to tell you they were going to quit? They come with a series of premeditated EXCUSES or REASONS TO FAIL. These are the excuses that they have SOLD to themselves the night before and are now expecting you to BUY.Β  THIS HAPPENS, No matter what company you are in or what level of leader that you are and/or become. So when it does happen, what should you do?

In a nut shell here is my BEST advice. It is easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead.Β  Always remember this… Whiners NEVER Win, and Quitters NEVER Prosper. These are 2 common denominators or (characteristics) that ALL that fail in our AWESOME Industry tend to possess. Now keep in mind that they’re more than

just 2 failing characteristics but today I am focusing on the wishy and the washy.

One thing is for sure, if you don’t quit you can’t fail. Wins and Losses aren’t recorded until the END OF THE GAME.Β  Make sure that your leadership is strong and unwavering.Β  Make the decision to win and become bullet proof in the 5 Unshakable Beliefs.

To have people here and there decide to quit is to be expected and really DOES NOT CHANGE ANYTHING for you.Β  The main reason that people quit is because they are not producing.Β  So with that being said, the only thing that you lost is a NON-PRODUCER.Β  In order for there to be winners, unfortunately there must be losers.Β  The beautiful part of this GAME, the GAME of Network Marketing is you

get to DECIDE which line you want to be in.Β  Meaning… Are you going to QUIT & FAIL or are you going to PRODUCE & WIN?Β  I certainly hope you DECIDE the later.

If you are still struggling with your business, contact me right away so we can set you on the right track.Β  Learn how you can become a Jedi Master at attracting WINNERS into your organization. I will teach you the EXACT Principles that allowed me to leave a 13 year factory career (dead-end-job) and become an internet sensation in a very short period of time.Β  This process has allowed me to attract thousands of leads & contacts that become REAL Distributors in my Primary Business. Educate YOUR MLM Expectations Today!

Now that you know which line you are in, let’s get to work…;)




Branding & Marketing Coach

Dave Bradbury


PS: Did you know I offer a FREE consultation zoom/call to evaluate your business desires? Setup your FREE consultation today!!!

PS: Did you know I offer a FREE consultation zoom/call to evaluate your business desires? signup for your FREE consultation today!!!

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😎 Are you adding VALUE to peoples lives?

Hello friends,

The Art of Adding Value… But what does that mean?

Zig Ziglar had it 100% right when he said. “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”.

Well PEOPLE WANT VALUE, so give it to them.

You must truly start with the intention to help them receive what they want. Adding value to your client, customers, and prospects lives could very well be the BEST skill you could master. It is a surefire sign of a TRUE Leader. That to me is the quintessential ingredient to adding value to peoples lives.

Most people are only concerned about what they will “get”, (the what’s in it for me game) instead of what your clients or prospects will receive from the relationship. It is very important to be “genuine and pure”. If you are fake or lean heavily towards “narcissism” you’re destined for a hard road to travel.

Focusing on what you will get tends to have us lean more towards pitching our deals and peddling our products. Let’s face it, the last thing ANYONE needs is yet another supplement that is TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM. Or another service that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. We are inundated with ads about products and services all the day long. So with that being said, why would you market your business that way?

This behavior creates the opposite of the law of attraction. If you really want to attract people to your business, step out and BE A LEADER. You see people are not looking for products, they are looking for a Leader. Will you Lead?

So here you are my friend, breaking new ground. Now you KNOW…

Here is what you do next. Find your “MOJO”, your PASSION, your CAUSE. Then lead by EXCELLENT EXAMPLE. Instead of being solely focused on YOU and YOUR SUCCESS, focus on the Success of OTHERS.




Branding & Marketing Coach

Dave Bradbury


PS: Did you know I offer a FREE consultation zoom/call to evaluate your business desires? Setup your FREE consultation today!!!

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