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BE, DO, HAVE…The art of becoming.

Hello friends,

Learning the concept of BE, DO, HAVE can be a game changer.  I have always said when the game needs change, become the cashier.  It is important to be clear of what you want.  Make a clear concise goal and follow the (be, do, have) path for that decision.  Find a mentor, as an example of success in the field your are focusing on.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel, most successful people have written books that share with you what you need to do and how you need to do it. All you need to do is bring the WHY.

It’s not about “fake it til you make it.”  It’s about becoming the person you need to be in order to achieve your desired outcome.  Any one that fakes it to make it, will find themselves at the bottom of the term “easy come, easy go.”  Find a mentor, be coachable, and watch the transformation come to life.

When I start working with a client I always educate their expectations as to how our subconscious mind will effect them.  It will deflect and diverge any change you attempt to introduce to it. SO with that being said, you can tell there is a back side to all of the change you are seeking.  Your subconscious mind likes repetition. It likes to run on auto-pilot.  We get in to that topic intensively in my RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN 90 Day Bootcamp.

I wish I could just inject this knowledge in to your brain but it takes some time as our subconscious mind will sabotage your efforts with negative feedback and with little compliance. You must break through those moments. Which is WHY having a mentor is so VALUABLE.

To keep this post short I will leave it a this…

Be: Become the person that has the success and or results you are seeking.

Do: Do the things that that person has done and DOES in order to achieve the desired results.

Have: Add the DO (action) to the Be and you will HAVE what that person has.

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Wishing you all the best of luck, my friends!




Branding & Marketing Coach

Dave Bradbury


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🧠 How to RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN (Subconscious Mind) in 90 Days or Less.

Hello friend,

Did you know that YOU can retrain your subconscious mind in 90 days or less?  Before we get in to HOW, I want you to know that I have done this multiple times. In order to become something you are not, you must change/morph into the person you need to BE in order to DO what needs done, to HAVE what you desire.

Be. Do. Have.

The best way I know to basically BRAINWASH yourself is through repetition, specifically writing down what you desire.  Yes I said brainwash, most of us need this because our brains are filthy and full of garbage from the tell-a-vision and misinformation.  I have personally doubled my income 2 times by doing the method I am teaching.  A lot of this stems from the book “Think and Grow Rich”.  In the book explains WHY we must WRITE DOWN our CLEAR and PRECISE desires.

So let’s get in to a bit of psychology.  Our subconscious mind runs in the background and decides about 90% of everything we do all day everyday.  It’s working when you drive to work or a familiar place and don’t remember the trip.  You don’t need to look at a map or remember when to turn.  It is something we do AUTOMATICALLY.  That autopilot is your subconscious mind at work and I am NO EXPERT on psychology, but I do know that our subconscious mind REQUIRES repetition in order to function.  It runs with very little thought or energy. It doesn’t need to think about what it’s doing because it operates in a groove.  Basically, it runs on a track back and forth in our brain as the neurons fire back and forth. In order to disrupt that automatic neuron tracing, you must RETRAIN those neurons.

Like a needle on a record player.  It can only play what the grooves provide.

Our results are like a song that is played from a record player.  Most people don’t like the life/song that their record is playing. The grooves in the record are the same grooves in our subconscious mind. We need to realize that if we want a different song to be played all we have to do is change the grooves on the record. The grooves that tell the needle what the sound will be. So in this exercise of repetition you have to understand that you are RE-GROOVING your subconscious when you repetitively write the same thing down over and over.

Remember in the old days when little Johnny pulled Sally’s hair in school he had to write “I will not pull Sally’s hair again” 100 times on the chalkboard.  That was designed to RETRAIN little Johnny’s brain so he can make better choices in the future.  Writing down positive affirmations do the EXACT same thing only it’s on a voluntary basis with a specific GOAL.


You can learn more about my RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN 90-Day Challenge Group here. If registration is closed then signup on the waiting list, this way you will be the first to know when we relaunch the group for the next round of NEW MEMBERS.




Branding & Marketing Coach

Dave Bradbury


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