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❤️ 5 Quick Tips to Successful Stress Reduction.

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Hello friend,

Dave here again with key insights for SUCCESS!

A major part of success is how you deal with STRESS…

Believe it or not stress can be addictive and it can be habitual. In one way, that means stress can be difficult to overcome. Here are 5 quick-fire tips to help you reduce your own stress, and improve your quality of life.

1. Get Started on Your Anti-Stress Campaign Now.

As with any bad habit, it is very easy to put off doing anything about it. Thus, most people never do anything about their bad habits other than give them a passing thought now and again. Treat your stress as a bad habit, but get serious about beating it now.  You can get started this very second.

2. Use Positive Thinking as a Stress Busting Support Aid.

You have probably heard of positive thinking, you may have even done something about it at some time, But have you thought about it in the context of beating stress? Positive thinking can be a strong support aid for your anti-stress campaign. Once you realize stress can easily be beaten, and you determine to do so, your positive thoughts about being a success in reducing stress will ensure that you do so.

As much as possible, only associate with positive people, read inspirational and positive books and magazines. Seek out those who seem relaxed, confidence and very successful, and learn how they do it. Keep away from negative complainers, they drag you down.  Some people are soooo negative that if you put them in a dark room they would develop.

3. Learn to Relax Properly to Beat Stress.

Learning to relax at any time, and in any place, is a powerful add to overcoming any stress problem you may have. It will also help your health and prevent stress in the future. Practice some home relaxation techniques , and also try yoga sessions. Yoga really is a wonderful way to learn how to relax properly and get your breathing right. It will also get you into a peaceful environment with the right type of positive people to assist you in beating stress.

4. Giving Back and Helping Others Can reduce Your Own Stress.

Many people find that helping others on a regular basis reduces their own stress. This is because their focus is changed outwards, and there is no time to look inward with any self pity, and aggravate that stress.

5. Laughter Really is the Best Stress Buster.

You have probably heard this a million times: laughter is the best medicine. It is also a marvelous way of reducing stress. How can you feel stressed when you are laughing your head off? The oxygen is pumping around your body, and there is not a stressful thought or feeling in your body.

Here’s to keeping it real and living a successful STRESS FREE life.

Stress & Worry is the Rust on the Blade…




Branding & Marketing Coach

Dave Bradbury


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